Saturday, 15 December 2007

Countdown to Crimbo!

Steven and Hamish on the canal just before we heard plop! and Hamish had fallen in with his coat on.
This is just afterwards, stupid clumsy Vizsla. You can't see but he's shivering and feeling very sorry for himself.
Hamish has some of his own 'office' work to do when I'm on the phone.
We were very lucky today that Radio came to stay for the afternoon. They really, really love playing indoors. Not ideal for watching the Saturday matinee on t.v. with a cuppa. They look more like gerbils than Vizslak in this photo I think.
Not much been happening as we've been s0000000000 busy. Hamish goes to a new dog-walker sometimes now and I think he loves it. He gets to play with 7 other dogs all day and comes home at night very tired. He did chew through two leashes in the back of the van though so we had to buy him a chain one (chewproof). Here he is at the entrance to 'his' park wearing the new collar to match. It's cheap and not fancy but I love him in red I think it really suits him.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Victoria Park Gundog Line-up

Today we went to Vicci Park with Andrea and Radio and we bumped into some friends. First to come along was Ruby and then Jake the Weimy and then his new sister Silver and then Rucci. So we were six in total for our line-up photo. 3 Vizslak and 3 Weimaraner. What a great day we all had.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Mr.McKahn's Belated Birthday Party

Today Hamish started adult obedience class and we got a recipe for liver cake. He was excellent in the class and we could really see what a good boy he is. So as a just reward we Steven baked him the cake this afternoon. (then he ran off in the park after a scent but we'll ignore that bit just for today).
Mmmmm. That looks very nice but...How do I get it without singeing my whiskers?Oh, I see you just have to get in and out fast as you can........ouch! Didn't quite manage it...what's that smell?Oh Dear, I think I've eaten too much...!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Happy Birthday Hamish McKahn!

Hamish turned one today. We walked into work along the canal and stopped for some birthday photos.
The canal residents barked happy birthday as we passed.
I think Hamish is thinking..."If I was a bone I'd eat myself" and I was thinking please put your willie away if only till I take the picture.
We really wanted to have a party but both had to work today - Sorry Hamish promise to make it up to you at the weekend. I'll even bake you a liver cake, how about that. To finish off the day we had a run around St. James's Park and visited the tourists in Trafalgar Square.
We appear to be offering a service for all the London visitors who've left their dogs at home abroad, they all come and ask to stroke Hamish because they miss their own dogs so much. We're only too happy to help of course.

Monday, 19 November 2007

I am a very stylish do I look?

What a cold weekend we had. Time for the 'Piccadilly Highlander' outfit again I'm afraid. There were no friends around at all for wrestling so nothing for it but a good run after the bicycle around Victoria Park and he loves it.

I've decided for now that Hamish is a very well behaved dog and we're pals. However saying that, we just walked past Radio's house this morning and he couldn't come out but as I was talking on the phone with Andrea and we seen them at the window and Radio started barking and Hamish jumped through the fence and ran up the road towards Radio's door. On the second attempt he came back to me when I blew his whistle, but he was out of sight and round the corner in a flash (luckily there were no cars around). Of course it would have been better if he hadn't wandered off at all, but progress is progress, one day at a time. One day he will surrender to the whistle - immediately I hope.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Kill those Nasty Fireworks by Robodog

We got off to a good start with Hamish's first firework season a few bangs in the park and he looked up, cocked his head and then carried on sniffing. Then they got closer to home and the 5th November approached...a bit too close. I let him out in our garden for a wee without realising our neighbours three doors down were having a display in their back garden. As the sparks and bright colours burst into the sky Hamish bolted for the door and hid downstairs terrified. For four nights he wouldn't go outside after dark and then slowly got more settled but he didn't enjoy it at all. Let's hope next year goes better.

On a better note (don't want to speak too soon though) the good news is that so far Hamish loves his new whistle and comes bounding towards me when I blow it. I haven't really tested it with any big distractions so far though...slowly does it, Rome wasn't built in a day but I'm being super careful to make sure he keeps on loving it.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Chickens? Wot Chickens?

Today we started a bit of gundog training with Radio. We decided training is much more fun when you do it with friends - for us humans too. I could see Hamish was immediately having more fun and was more engaged so this is hopefully a good way to make progress. We took the boys to see the chickens at Hackney City Farm but they didn't pay the slightest attention to them as Andrea had them engrossed in their commands. Next we'll try it with Squirrels.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Halloween on the Long line - Abney Cemetary

We have been advised to keep Hamish on the lead for the next 8 weeks (yes it seems rather drastic) until he learns better recall and get himself under control generally. It is quite a test for us too. He has been jumping up at people and now that he's a big lad it gets very embarassing, he even knocked one lady over. Luckily she was a doggie lady. He gets very happy when he sees folks but obviously this behaviour is inappropriate and has to be modified.
Ho Hum, what to do. We took him for a cycle to Abney Cemetry where we hoped he wouldn't meet any of his mates. He did meet a lovely Alsation called Stella though and we did let him off leash for a while as it was an enclosed space and they played very well together.
He's even getting better at leaving the squirrels alone, but they still fascinate him. No Hamish he's not coming down to play with you - ever!
Even at my work he seeks out the most comfortable chair in the house, in the sunshine is even better. Oi mister - this one's reserved for customers.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Little big man McKahn...!

Hamish McKahn is growing up, testosterone and selective hearing , humping....whatever happened to our playful pup? There doesn't seem to be so much time for doting over him taking lovely piccies. Here's one from this morning though. A Vizsla Narcissus in love with his own reflection.
He's mostly on the long line at the moment to try and improve his behaviour at this crucial time, but here's a moment of time-out with girlfriend Ruby.
And another with mentor Radio and Doby Flo - oh and a wee Ruby in the background. This is a new café in our park. They're still learning how to make coffee but they put water bowls out for dogs so we like them already.
Hamish used to sleep for hours when he came to work with me, now he's into everything and wants to be at the centre of it all.

Luckily I kept his puppy crate which he still likes to squeeze in to for a power nap.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Back to the Grind...

Hamish loves London Fields life as well as the Scottish Highlands. Of course - all his mates are here. "Fancy a pint Louie?"
Just back home and we're off for the weekend already. Hamish makes himself at home at our friends house in Kent. Not much of a gentleman but he might make a good stud yet?
Back to work, but at least Green Park is full of squirrels......leave it!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Belated Tales of a Picadilly Highlander

It seems like ages ago but we did go on holiday this year and here is the proof of exactly how beautiful it was.....but first we had to get there.
...are we nearly there yet?
Ok, I know....enough is enough, first a bus-then the sleeper-then another train-then another bus...but I promise one little more taxi ride and then.......yes back to the comfort your accustomed to.
I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille...
What, have I got something on my face?

Come on...please just a wee forty winks.

Does my bum look big in this?
He wasn't giving this one back for anything. It'd been festering nicely for quite a while, mmmm yummy.
See it does get sunny in Scotland sometimes. Lucky we had a furry neighbour to keep Hamish occupied.
We're going to need a bigger boat.....
What the hell kind of dog d'ya call that? YIKES!
The view in front of our cottage.
I'm sure he was a working dog in a former existence. This is Bill Cowie, Rona's manager (that covers a vast amount of things - very hard work) Bill thought Hamish was a very posh dog and called him a Picadilly Highlander. Bills dogs sleep outside even in Winter.
A peaceful wee inlet with mist in the distance.
It's all so much fun, but leaping through the heather is very tiring.
Hamish takes in the last of the sea air on the boat back from Rona to Portree.