Saturday, 28 July 2007

Still Very Much A Puppy

Wow, isn't she just amazing. I'm sure she looked just like a cow to Hamish, except he's never come across one of those either. He was unsure to say the least, but I think they would have slowly become very good friends if they had met in an open space off leash. She really was a gentle giant.
Hamish is auditioning for the part of Elastipup in 'The Incredibles Part 2 - A Canine Caper'.
Then we met our best friends for a threesome frolic in Victoria Park.
It was a lovely walk and great to see Ruby and have a swim. The boys were quite subdued as we walked home, Radio helped us again with some training. But despite everything, he's still very much a puppy at heart and hasn't grown out of stealing my shoes and running out into the garden with them to make sure that you play with him. And all this is not long after our four hour walk.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Pretty Peggy on the South Bank

Last night I took Hamish out with me to meet a friend on the South Bank. We met loads of people who all wanted to say hello to him. My friend was amazed at how much attention we got. Hamish however I know was secretly missing doggy interaction and then...out of the blue we spotted a beautiful silver girl coming towards us. This is Peggy and she likes to play rough too, she's only 4 months old, we hope to meet her again in East London. So if you're reading this - leave us a message and we can arrange another wrestling match on grass instead of concrete.
By the time we were going home I didn't have the heart to move Hamish off the bus seat. He was looking very tired and wasn't talking to me. I think I kept the puppy out too late past his sofa time. Sorry Hamish!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Hamish out and about with Friends old and new

It might look scary but Hamish is really gentle with the new puppies on the block - this is Millie (or is this one Honey?) Bailey is not allowed to play too much until his skin clears up, we want him to stay handsome.Hamish takes a breather in a small meadow next to the pond at Hackney City Farm. He may look calm but just before this he had been in the mucky pond and was running around like a tasmanian devil. Around and around through the long grass. He does often seem to go mad when he sees long grass, does anyone else notice this? It looks like he's having the best time though and wears himself out.
There's another new kid on the block in my office. This is Ted and he's not scared of anything, least of all a giant Vizsla. Another exercise in tolerance for Hamish. Yeah, Mr. it wasn't so long ago that you were this cheeky, see how it feels now with the shoe on the other foot, eh?
Young lovers, aaaah the little lambs should be a picture on a chocolate box. In truth they were more fiercely and S & M than romantic but that's puppy love for you.
This is Ellis she lives in Shoreditch and is three years old. She and Hamish wrestled very well together and she's just lovely. Watch out Ruby, Hamish might just have an eye for the more mature ladies.
This is big gentle Boris, I think he's Hamish's favourite wrestling partner at the moment. They really go for it and knock lumps out of each other but always part as friends.
This is Honey or is it Millie? They've both had their heads in Hamish's mouth and come back for more wagging their tails.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pussy Galore!

Hamish got up close and purrrrrsonal with our neighbours black cat this afternoon. He was very interested but only wanted to make friends. He's in training for when he gets his bengal kitten chum so he'd better be good or we may change our minds.

Sunday Sunshine!

Today finally we were able to have a nice long walk without getting wet at some point along the way. We discovered some new parts of Victoria Park for Hamish to pose while practicing his 'WAIT' command. Not many dogs around for him today though. Oh, he did loose his footing and fall right in the canal but I didn't get any photos of that - I thought it'd be better to fish him out as he was in a bit of a panic as he couldn't get out by himself.Just a bit more to the right please Hamish!Believe it or not he's only just learning that it's easier to jump over a small fence than walk all the way around it.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Three Red, one black and one spotted, friends and lots of Pimms - It must be Pimms O'Clock?

Pheeeeeewwww! It only started to rain as we lifted the last cushion back indoors in the wee hours of the morning. Our first garden party with new canine friends and owners.
Hamish and Ruby finally get it together when Maisy went home. (Sorry Maisy)
Ruby is getting to know the humans better too. Yeah, more Vizsla cuddles for us.
Ruby didn't quite know what to make of Napoleon our stool.
Four lovely girls together.

Time to take the baby home.but not before Ruby got to see what sofa surfing is all about.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Ginger Overload

We had a great day on Sunday at the Viz Whizz in Ham, (but we didn't get stuck in the traffic though) Here's a few of our snaps.There were one or two who weren't so ginger (or very impressed either)It was all too much for Hamish , until he manages a power nap to prepare for his agility debut.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Start of Something Big?

Today we had our first East London mini-Vizsla Walk (that's not a new small breed it just means there were only three dogs). We were a bit late cos we met the cutest puppies on the way.We met Andrea and Radio on Broadway Market for the usual manic greeting....and then headed off down the canal to meet Ruby Matt and Joe.
We always knew that Radio was a good swimmer (he even taught wee Hamish) but today he really impressed all of us as he swam alongside us as we walked along the towpath for at least 20mins, in fact he was reluctant to come out and needed quite a lot of coaxing.

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Meet Maisy, she's another of Hamish's great friends from the park. Ruby mustn't get jealous though cos Maisy is a Dalmation and so can't ever love Hamish the Vizla way. But she is a great wrestler.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Fox Poo...Yummy!

Hamish had his first roll in fox shit today. Steven wasn't very proud and called ahead to get the bath ready and all doors and hatches sealed. Out comes the tomato purée again then. Hamish thinks this is great since he loves a good splash around in the tub playing 'catch the flannel' but he doesn't quite get why everyone else has angry faces.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Hamish sneaks in Photo Shoot

We went to have breakfast at our friend Rachel's the other day (She doesn't usually dress like this for breakfast). We were helping her make a card to say thanks to our friends in Italy who managed to send her some silver Prada wedges that she wanted. Hamish of course just had to get in on the action. It's a long time since we took him to see the kids, see how small he was last time.