Saturday, 30 June 2007


Today we met another lovely Vizsla boy called Jerry in London Fields - he's great, just like Hamish except a wee bit older at 9months and I suspect a bit more polite. He and Hamish had loads of fun playing together and watching them was like seeing Hamish playing with his mirror image. The perfect match....

Jerry had to go to the market so we took some time to do a bit of buggie training and we did make quite a bit of progress. Although we weren't able to zip up the front as somehow when we weren't looking the zip had gotten chewed? Hmmm, wonder if it was a mouse?

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Introducing the Wonderful World of Springfield Park (after brekkie at the Dalston Café of course)

Our Friend Scottie John has just opened his new Dalston Café at the top of our Road so we have a new ritual of passing by for our Saturday breakfast so Hamish has to be patient before he gets his walk. Hey - we have to put ourselves first sometimes? NO?
No it's not St. James's Park.....but we think it's even better and it's just up the road.
Today we discovered a welcome new venue for watersports right here in Hackney, well Clapton really but very close. Hamish loved it and so did we. It was very, very quiet and there was no rubbish on the ground!!! Not so many dogs but we still had loads of fun (well there was one but Hamish wouldn't stop trying to hump him so he got angry). Doesn't wee Hamish look very grown up here. A proper young Vizsla genteman.Our sticks weren't good enough for Hamish, he had to find us his own big one to throw into the pond. He now has no hesitation about water at all and loves splashing around and does real deep water swimming. Radio taught him really well, the novice has now graduated and the master is preparing the next lesson which I believe will be tomorrow in Hackney Marshes.
How far is it to Calais? I think I can make it, I can, really I can.

That was the just the pond...then at the bottom of the hill there's the River Lea with lots of Narrowboats and so we stopped for another photo opportunity....

Then Hamish feels peckish for something in the water...

He really wants it....

He thinks he can just about reach it....

Oh dear, I thought it would end in tears - or a wet Vizsla puppy.

Still, nothing like a good run to help dry you off, eh Hamish?Just before we came home we seen this and it reminded us of someone special so we couldn't resist to contribute this respectful homage.
Then we came home and I had to cut the grass which Hamish thought was really BORING! so guess what...time for a Zzzzzzzzz

Then just when I thought he was feeling to grown up for cuddles....

Monday, 18 June 2007

Going Quackers in St. James's Park

Some days I take Hamish to work with me in Covent Garden. He gets to meet lots of new people and gets huge amounts of attention. A bit too much perhaps as now he occasionally can't even be bothered to wag his tail when yet another stranger wants to say hello. Maybe this is just a sign of him getting a bit more grown up and calming down? He loves it when it's cold enough for the fire to be on so he can lie down in front of it, and I must say he does look very 'to the manor born'. Funnily enough he's always quite well behaved in my office and generally lies down and guess what...sleeps for the first 3hrs. Then he gets a bit frisky and plays with some toys for a while until I can stop to take him out to St. James's park and occasionally if I 've got time to Green Park which is better for letting him off the lead (no ducks and the like).
Hamish is now more interested in the water-foul in St. James's park. He shows no aggression, so I really don't know if he just wants to say hello to them like he would another dog - or cat even, but he did try to squeeze through the fence, then to squeeze under it until I had to drag him away disappointed - sorry wee fella.

Here he is posing in front of Buckingham Palace.

You got to grab some water when you're on the go.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Sleepy Head

I sometimes envy Hamish, he's always happy and mostly gets to do what he likes doing all day and sleeps wherever and whenever he wants. He has amazing friends (and quite fantastic owners too). Vizslas are notoriously energetic and he has his moments but he also has a very calm side to his nature which is very lucky for us. He is always cosy in bed and can't wait to get in at night and in the morning he's quite glad of the snooze button on the alarm. I mean look at him sleep.....zzzzzzzzzzzz in the bed, zzzzzzzzz at the bus stop and zzzzzzzzzz on the floor on the bus.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Me and My Pal

Radio and Hamish are really really good friends now, you'd better get out the way of the stampede when they meet up or else...excited is not the word - even by Vizsla standards . YIKES!

Sometimes they even lie down together at the same time (ok,not often).

Radio even taught Hamish how to swim.

My god though when he gets hold of that ball.....

Went for a walk along the canal and Hamish wanted to go in for a dip.

Today a cat dared to cut across Hamish's garden. He was stunned into walking on tip toes so silently amazed and bewildered. It soon got the message and scarpered.