Monday, 19 May 2008

My Celebrity Friend and Ducks? Wot Ducks

Yes, ok there are rather a lot of photos in this installment - but it's mostly for Steven's benefit cos he's in Australia, so the rest of you will just have to put up with our indulgence for now.

On the road....
Cooling down...
Viz or Bunny girl?
On Tuesday we went back to ringcraft classes in North London. What a trek it is too. If I can convince Hamish that this can be fun we'll give the show ring another chance. Just missed the deadline for Windsor but hope to go to Richmond later in the year. On arriving we met another lovely Vizsla called Ruby, she's only six months old and very well behaved . Hamish had a lot to live up to because Andy recognised us from this very blog. They called him a celeb...!With all the good weather Hamish has again found his fantastic enthusiasm for swimming (and diving in).
Mirror, mirror......?
Sitting pretty among the 'English ' bluebells (did you know our forests are being overtaken by the inferior 'Spanish' variety?This one's especially for Steven. He left this old jumper behind for Hamish to remember his scent while he's away. Hamish has tried to rip it to shreds but stops in his tracks and sniffs it like fury then didn't try to rip it since.
Hamish has a celebrity friend called Treacle (she was once on 'Dog Borstal'). She's not naughty any more just mischeivious and Conrad (Hamish's dogwalker) calls them the delinquents. They truly love each other.
Poster boy in the water on Hampstead Heath.
I smell a rat!
Now tell me if this is normal for a Vizsla. Look at this short video......

He's swimming for a treat in the water, takes it and doesn't even register the ducks. It could be all those walks on St. James' Park since he was little but I didn't even have to say 'leave it'. I'm sure it's a bit too laid back for a gun dog? All answers on a postcard please (comments will do.)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Last Walks and Cuddles with Steven for a while - Ross and Hamish Home Alone

Steven departed on Sunday for Australia to work on a film. He'll be gone for over 3 months and we're devastated. He's got sun, sea and sand but I've got sun (for now) and Hamish. Hmmmm? Who's got the best deal??? This is Surfers Paradise near Brisbane on the Gold Coast where Steven will be relaxing on his days off. Wish we were there too. Looks like a nice beach for a Viz to cause havoc.Luckily he just had time to come with us to Hamish's first show. Maybe not so lucky though because he caught sight of him just before we got called into the ring and was so intent on getting to him that he wouldn't stand for me , actually he stood quite nicely but just in the wrong direction and paying no attention to me at all. However, it was a great experience and we had a great day.
Last chance.....
Last time sleeping on your favourite cushion for a while hoo! I don't even mind if it is Eastenders....Last walk together on Hampstead Heath
And our first time to Connaught Water - Epping Forest
Epping Forest again.
Bye, Bye, Steven we miss you so much already. Promise not to get up to too much mischief and of course Hamish will remember you when you get back. Oh, and yes, the house is still clean and far.