Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Latest Mischief

Radio continues to be a great mentor and sometimes Hamish copies him and even remembers what to do when Radio's not around. Looking out for his Humans on Hampstead Heath. (Not really, he's surveying the situation while Radio goes running up to another dog...is it safe to go in yet Radio?)
Hamish thinks some little girls are ok that's if they're very gentle and he can get to know them over several hours. Oh, and it's a real bonus if he gets to steal their dummies. So there's the proof if we needed any that he's still a baby too!
Go on then Delphine, give him a goodnight kiss! Bet you do that to all the boys (and she did!)
The things he has to put up with....I mean a Vizsla shoe shopping...whatever next?
It's so hot and his first summer - he's worn out! But then he does look great in the sunshine.
"Oh I say Radio, what a great way to cool off. Do you think they'll let us stay in here all day"
"Yes Hamish, but you need to learn how to dive in and stop being such a baby. They let you in for longer if you don't look so freaked out when it's hard to get out"