Friday, 23 January 2009

Our Heavenly Perfect Wonderful New Year in Devon - The Longest Photoblog ever

Our blog is an unapologetic documentation of our fantastic adventures with our wonderful boy Hamish you know. It is also a great way to let family up north get a glimpse into our world and keep track of what we are getting up to. It is especially fun for my wee nephews - Hello Aidan and Kyle - who love Hamish to bits, but many friends tell me often that their kids always ask to see what Hamish has been doing on the computer (not that he uses the computer but you know what I mean). Why am I justifying myself you may ask...? Well because this time I've posted the most photos ever and it might just take up a bit more time than usual to visit Hamish here. I tried the slide show method but I've been told it's not appreciated in blogworld so there's a discreet link to one at the very end.

This our view from a certain point on the canal which we pass on the way to Ross's work. If we blow the whistle our friends come to the window to say good morning. And what a beautiful morning it was too. Hello Vigo!
Hamish had a few too many at Christmas so he wasn't at his best when we had to leave for Devon.
We soon got him on his feet with his swanky new harness (on a long term loan from Lasse and Andrea). The canal was thawing out after being completely frozen over.This is the proof that Vizslak can be calm in public. Not always the hooligans that they are made out to be - only sometimes.
A breath of sea air does wonders for a wooly head.
And what better than a game of fetch to get you back on track.Soon we've forgotton that we ever lived in the city and want to emigrate to sunny Devon.There's a big wrestling ring just outside our cottage.
The beach is a playboy's paradise too.
All in all, great place to fall in love really.
Who could resist these wee faces...........?
This beautiful graveyard was just at the bottom of our garden.
No, we didn't fly to Greece for the day - this is still DEVON.
Lots of climbing to be done.
Some days were a wee bit blowy up on top of those cliffs.
Suddenly Hamish was almost on point on a cliff edge and wouldn't recall. My heart was in my mouth as he's not the most sure footed of dogs. He sniffed and sniffed and we wondered what he could smell. Then as we walked on we found out that down below there were strange things in the water...(see here) and scroll down, once you get there, for the answer. It was such a treat.
Then we even met a ginger horse.
This one has to be an entry for our much talked about calendar.
Well behaved again in the lovely cottage (ok so perhaps it was only while I held a treat above the camera).
In the dingly dell.
This is the cottage we nearly stayed in but will definitely go at another time. We peeked through the windows and it's amazing inside too.
Crazy moves on the way to Agatha Cristie's house in Greenway but it was closed and they wouldn't let us look around when we got there.
Always impatient even after 6 miles walking.
Not the north of Scotland in the Autumn, but still amazingly beautiful.
Hmmmmmmm, I think we could be happy here on the river dart.
Hamish looks right at home. This country was made for Vizslak, and they match the colour tones too.
In training to beat all those smug greyhound types in our park.
Hamish of Arabia perhaps...!
Nosey parker, he doens't miss a trick.
Hamish gets impatient with the photographer as he doesn't like the group being split and runs back to tell me to get a move on.
This is thirsty work.
Sun, sea and sand...and forests too - WOW. What more could we ask a dancing bear perhaps!
Did you know they have little red dancing bears in the woods in Devon?
A landscape to put you in the frame of mind to write your memoirs.
Please let us come back one day.....of course we will, it's too good not to.
The walks are second to none along the SW Coastal path and great for our loved ones furry or not. What a joy to relax on the sofa, log fire burning and food on the stove. Very sweet dreams indeed.
and if that still wasn't enough you can click here to see even more.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Christmas 2008

On Christmas Day we went for a walk with Andrea and Vigo (can you spot them?)
We then had a surprise Christmas lunch at Russell and Sarah's house with Cookie who's the one who thinks she's a scarf.
It was a very dog friendly lunch and absolutely declicious.Hamish got to open his own present and as always was just as impressed with the wrapping than the contents.
Ruby came to visit too.
We discovered that Hamish loves Brussels sprouts but supposedly they're not so good for the environment, I'm sure you know what I mean.