Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Birthday Treat - Stapleford Park

Last week was my birthday and as a surprise I was taken early on Saturday morning on the train to Grantham not knowing what to expect or where I was going....
Hamish and I got up very early on Sunday to catch the first sunshine.It was a such a fantastic weekend and we all had the best time. It really was so nice to be spoiled in the country and to soak up the wonderful peace and quiet. There was even a lake for swimming and the most pheasants and grouse we've ever seen.
Hamish was made to feel so welcome. Everyone knew his name already and there was even a dog bed (not that he slept in it - shhhhh!) and a water bowl and even gravy bones in the room for him.
The sky remained blue all day Saturday and Sunday too.
As you know I like to take lots of pictures so rather than bore you all here I've now made it optional. If you'd like to see more of our trip to Stapleford Park please see the link below:

Saturday, 4 October 2008

East End Boys and Girls

Hamish and Ruby do living to the max in Hackney making the most of the inner city. There's even time for a spot of shopping at the local pet store.

Urban Vizslak Rule........

The Long Awaited Wasdale Head - Part 2

Well, this week Wasdale Head will be revisited once again by the third in a line of notorious Vizslak from Blogworld. Ruby will be next to follow in Hamish and Radio's footsteps and the following week Charlie Morph will be on Sheep duty.

Just to refresh everyone's memory of how lovely it is (oh, and please pay particular attention to how loose Hamish's line is in the photos with sheepies):

I hope you all have a fantastic time and give my love to the Redgirls,