Saturday, 15 December 2007

Countdown to Crimbo!

Steven and Hamish on the canal just before we heard plop! and Hamish had fallen in with his coat on.
This is just afterwards, stupid clumsy Vizsla. You can't see but he's shivering and feeling very sorry for himself.
Hamish has some of his own 'office' work to do when I'm on the phone.
We were very lucky today that Radio came to stay for the afternoon. They really, really love playing indoors. Not ideal for watching the Saturday matinee on t.v. with a cuppa. They look more like gerbils than Vizslak in this photo I think.
Not much been happening as we've been s0000000000 busy. Hamish goes to a new dog-walker sometimes now and I think he loves it. He gets to play with 7 other dogs all day and comes home at night very tired. He did chew through two leashes in the back of the van though so we had to buy him a chain one (chewproof). Here he is at the entrance to 'his' park wearing the new collar to match. It's cheap and not fancy but I love him in red I think it really suits him.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Victoria Park Gundog Line-up

Today we went to Vicci Park with Andrea and Radio and we bumped into some friends. First to come along was Ruby and then Jake the Weimy and then his new sister Silver and then Rucci. So we were six in total for our line-up photo. 3 Vizslak and 3 Weimaraner. What a great day we all had.