Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday's are best for........

Hamish is practising his speech for when he becomes king of the dog world.
But he better watch out that his past doesn't catch up with him... here's evidence that he's been getting friendly with cats.Hanging around with puppy Puggles aka Miss Babs (a Puggle is a pug beagle cross to you and I)
Darcy is very respectful of her new uncle.
She's as good as gold.
And is learning fast about life in the east with so many new friends - here's Ruby joining us. Everyone thought they were mum, dad and baby Darcy.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Another weekend on the East Side

The big boy on his home turf. Teenage yobo, I'm convinced he'd be very happy if he could pee his name in graffiti paint. Hamish was 'ere 2008.
This is Hamish with wee Darcy who came to meet us all on Saturday. Her folks are going on holiday and she's going to stay with Andrea for 10 days. She is absolutely gorgeous and very petite. She's quite timid and luckily Hamish was very gentle with her.Andrea is enjoying the cuddles but it's still not easy and we all still miss Radio. Darcy has landed on her feet getting a holiday in Haggerston.On Sunday we began some agility with Hamish. He sometimes still jumps like a spring lamb - all four legs leaving the ground and landing at the same time. It doesn't seem like how a Viz should jump very odd indeed. Maybe he's still to grow out of it. It's such a pity his old mentor Radio isn't here to help him learn more quickly, he used to jump these very hurdles. He does something more complicated called Parkour.

He's so neglected can you tell....what a face!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

WARNING! This posting contains images of dogs in shops which some viewers may find disturbing (you know who you are)

Andrea was looking after Charlie for the weekend. First we meet them both on the market for coffee and mingling with the local community and lots of attention for the doggies.Then we walk to Islington along the canal. The boys have a quick dip along the way. This was Hamish's first time swimming this year, Radio would have been proud of his star pupil since it really was quite cold.
Then we go shopping for some new chairs and they let us bring Hamish and Charlie inside with us.Then we went shopping for clothes and again they let us in even though this shop was quite posh. They soon got bored though.On Sunday we went to Victoria park and met some great new mates for Hamish. This is Feedback, she's a real tomboy and likes to play very rough. She's half boxer and half lurcher.
This is Coco a Neopolitan Mastiff whom Hamish adored. They only played gently though because he's got hip dysplasia even though he's only 2 years old.Next we took Hamish to Steven's studio where we did a bit more for the 'Urban Vizsla' photoshoot. We're still gathering evidence to support our case that Vizsla's can be happy townie dogs. This will continue for the rest of Hamish's life of course.
I think ginger and concrete go very well together in the afternoon sunlight.
Hamish get's very frustrated inside the studio...he just can't understand why he can't just run around chewing on everything he can reach. It smells so very interesting.Then he met his old mate Danny on the way home in London Fields. Danny is very independent but they do run around a bit together sometimes if Danny's in the mood. Finally in the favourite corner of 'his' sofa, an exhausted Hamish pup almost falls asleep sitting up.