Thursday, 31 May 2007

A natural at ring craft....?

We thought this might be a sign of things to come and that he'd take to standing still easily for the judges at shows...not so at all. Hamish just thought ringcraft class was wicked torture. How could we take him into a room filled with potential new best friends and not let him play with anyone? Well, he just wriggled, pulled and whined for the whole time and went home very frustrated. They say it takes time to get used to it but we still aren't convinced that there's any pleasure in it for the dogs...? I'm willing to see it differently if anyone with better experience can explain why people bother to show?

What is this white stuff? After a brief initial hesitation Hamish loved the snow, but not for long as he hates the cold.

This was taken on one of Hamish's first walks after his injections.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Yet more photos of Hamish documenting his rise to youth. One at about 3-4months and the other at nearly 6months on his first trip to the Beach at Dungeness.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Just Because I am....

He was adorable to look at but a real torag with shark teeth. Those first few weeks were a real nightmare and I learned a lot about my tolerance levels and soon realised that I wasn't as calm a person as I thought I was.

But the cuddles were just fantastic and justified everything. Heaven is...a sleeping vizsla puppy on your lap on the sofa (as long as they don't snore so loud you can't hear the tv and start chasing rabbits).

The Fantastic Journey

Ok, so I've finally had to give in and start our own blog as Radio's owners got fed up posting our pictures for us. Hamish is six months and one week old now so I've got a lot of photos to post to get us up to speed.......Four months ago Hamish waved goodbye to his first home in Norfolk, and came with us, to our home in London Fields in Hackney. This is he way back then, little 'shark teeth' as he soon became known.


Hamish had to be sedated at the Vet today to have some x-rays taken of his nose which has been runny for a while now and has now started bleeding as well. We think he has an infection, but best to be sure. He was still staggering when he got home but wanted to play with his Mr. Chicken so much that he fell asleep with it in his mouth. Aaaaah, Sweetness!

Monday, 28 May 2007

HVC Field Trials and friends

Today we went to the HVC field trials with Andea, Lasse and Radio and we met Charlie, Steve and Sally for the first time and too many others to mention. A great day out but dreadful weather. Hamish did well but as usual preferred wrestling to working. Looking though today's pictures coming back in the car, I said to Steven 'would you have believed me if a year ago I'd told you that we would become such doggie people?' Yes, life with a dog has many surprises and we're having a lot of fun.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

a pup in hackney marshes

Hamish just met his new best mate Holly Polly

see the rudeness of that Radio who instead of walking around Hamish walked accross him....?

this pup is the one swimming and retrieving the ball everyone else thought a gonna...well done Hamish!