Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wasdale Head - Lake District Part One

Well, it's been a while and we've had a cracking summer even if the weather has been a let down. I've tried for ages to put a slideshow together with 'slide' on the blog but it seems not to be compatible with my Mac so here's the link if you'd like to see the first installment of our photos:
Since Hamish discovered chasing sheep as a pastime in Wales, we have had to be super-vigilant when out on rural walks and the Lake District is a superior challenge in this respect. However we did a lot of work on it and let's say he's on very friendly terms with our woolly friends as long as they don't make any sudden movements.

The scenery is something to behold as you can see and the walking is second to none of course. We could literally take any direction from our farm cottage and find a stunning view within minutes.

We were very, very fortunate to finally meet the beautiful Redgirls - the loveliest of which is of course Di who drove 2 and a half hours to come and walk with us. This was a long anticipated moment but all hopes of romance were thwarted when within moments of meeting Hamish had discovered Berta's very interesting rear end (even though she was 2 and a half weeks past her season).

I'm so sorry Berta he was utterly relentless and spoiled your walk. We definitely need to reschedule so that you can see his true character. Still I'm so very, very glad we had the opportunity to meet despite Hamish's rampant libido.

hope you like the pictures and keep your eyes peeled for the return of ROBODOG xxx

Monday, 25 August 2008

Sheila Harper - Canine Activity Holiday in Staffordshire

We've been on the go for most of August and started off with our Canine Activity Holiday in Staffordshire with the stress free approach of Sheila Harper in Staffordshire.

We stayed with an amazing couple who'd just taken over the B & B from Andy's dad and were new to it so luckily they welcomed us into their home as if we were old friends. It really made a big difference to our holiday and the kids Ptoley (Toli) and Monty were absolutely amazing and loved Hamish and he seemed to like them too. Monty even lent Hamish his nutty professor glasses to try on.

I don't know quite where to start as it was quite a revolution in my thinking once it had all settled down in my head. I'm now more confident that I can build the kind of relationship that I always wanted with Hamish before I started reading too much and focusing too much being 'leader of the pack' and all that. Oh my, it's so easy to be wise in hindsight isn't it.

Right next to the guest house was a beautiful canal where we went for our evening walks if we weren't too tired.The locals were able to direct us to a pub with a beer garden so Hamish could be with me while I had dinner.
Plenty of opportunities for swimming too.

School was never so much fun...the dogs were allowed to do exactly as they pleased in this exercise. The owners had to do the work observing what was interesting to their dogs and well just really watching them in wonder, seeing what fascinates them and their ways of investigating their environments which we enriched for them.
We asked the waitress to take this photo for us to send to Steven in Oz. Scampi and chips mmmmm his favourite pub food.
Hamish just wanted to do some quality control.
Of course you will know about Anna's accident with her thumb. (Hope it's getting better now Anna) and so she arrived a day late to the course. It was excellent for Hamish and I to get to know both Anna and Ziggi better.

Two peas in a pod or on a log (well they are from the same breeder after all.)
They both pose in exactly the same way?Hmmmmm? And have the same taste in accessories? It must be in their genes.
Hamish makes himself at home in the classroom. All allowed of course in this school.
Hamish can't take his eyes of the teacher, gives a new meaning for teacher's pet?
Hamish with Ptoley and Monty.
Does he look as intellectual as Buster Brown?
The regal Vizsla in his most natural environment.
Once they got settled Hamish and Zig had a good run around. If you look closely you'll see Zig demonstrating the Vizsla multiple 360 degree spin with all feet off the ground. She's rather good at it actually.