Saturday, 23 February 2008

Old Hamish Pup's first day home

I just came across this old movie and thought I 'd share it.

Friday, 22 February 2008

West End Boy

Today Hamish came to work with me in the West End for the first time in ages. Along the way we met Andrea and Radio who walked with us along the canal to Islington. Hamish and Radio were very, very happy to see each other after about 10 days apart. Ross was very pleased to see Andrea and Radio too. We miss our walks with them when they're not around.
Earlier in the week Hamish was in Hyde Park for the first time when we went to see a nice new vet near there. Hamish went to have blood tests but he wouldn't allow them to do it and cried and howled a lot. We will need to sedate him next time. Oh dear!
Never mind he had a good sleep on our bed when he got home.
Shhhhhhhhhh! Now, now steady on Red Girls he's only getting comfy.
Still always the cute puppy when he wants something....He likes coming to work with me cos he gets to help out in the kitchen which always smells soooooooo delicious.The daffs are out in St. James's Park and it's really uplifting that it was still light when I took him out of the office for the afternoon walk.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

We Love the Weekend and today is Sunny!

Sunny Sunday's are best going to Hamstead Heath on the train......And on Saturday's we have our Local marked called 'Broadway Market' and friends love to come and visit because there's lots of really delicious food and a great atmosphere. Today it was sunny too so everyone seemed in a good mood. Steven's godson, Archie is staying over tonight and he's the young one on the log with Hamish. It must be puppy season as we've been meeting loads recently. This is Snoopy the 12 week old Italian Greyhound.

This is our sweetheart resident poser extraordinaire.

This is a wee Boston Terrier brand new to the park but I've forgotten her name. I'm sure we'll see her again soon in the Fields.
The lovely Broadway Market in the glorious sunshine.