Sunday, 24 May 2009

Water Rats in Ecstasy in Epping Forest - *Note to self - must go more often

Andrea and Lasse are very busy this week-end so we were very lucky to have Vigo for two days in a row. She is so well behaved we're hoping some of it will rub off on Hamish.
As the weather was so great today we decided that it would be nice to go to Epping Forest.What a great decision that turned out to be as we all had a really wonderful day.I think because of falling in the canal too often, Vigo is still at the paddling stage, swimming will come later. But she still likes to watch the birds, splash around and cool down in the water.I have decided that Epping Forest is our top, favourite, number one, bestest local(ish) dog paradise, even better than Hampstead Heath as it's much quieter and even more like the real countryside.We've only discovered a tiny bit of it so far and already we've came across 4 swimming ponds.And a few beaches too.The people and dogs seem much more friendly.Everyone is very happy and relaxed because of the beautiful sunshine today though.As Vigo doesn't swim yet she has learnt an old trick from Hamish which is to wait until the retrieving dog approaches the bank and ambush them and steal their dummy.We met a sausage dog called Daniel - not the eating kind of sausage, but not much more than a mouthful.Now that the weather is warmer Hamish is very eager to get in that water. He is more enthusiastic about water retrieving than on land I think.Vigo tries her luck again in the shallows.
This one is a lily pond.Sleepy dogs coming home on the train. Lots of deeply satisfied long sighs.
The best of friends. Make the most of the bed while you can Vigo.

Life is NEVER humdrum when you own a Vizsla

After a very hard week in the office.....
Lasse and Andrea came to pick us up and took us on a long drive to visit Olive.
Olive has two houses and we went to the one in the country near here.It wasn't just a visit though because a teacher was there and we all had to work extremely hard and jump up and down on this trampoline. When we got home things had changed and the boats on our canal were sparkling like this one.It all proved too much for a trainee townie clicker gundog boy.