Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hamish's 2nd Happy Birthday

Yesterday on November 21st Hamish enjoyed his 2nd birthday. We went for a long walk and he met some of his best friends. We stopped off for a cappuccino at the Victoria Park Pavillion and just as I brought the cup to my lips a big gust of wind carried my froth all over me and Hamish.
Once we got ourselves cleaned up we were ready for the birthday photo shoot. His other friends (at least that's how he sees it) just weren't interested and wouldn't pose with Hamish special portrait; we should have brought some bread.Then we went to Hamish's favourite shop (we actually love it too). It's the 'Ginger Pig' and we always get the best selection of free range bones for Hamish who sits and cries, and whines when Steven goes inside.
In the evening we had a guest star at Hamish's wee party. Yes it's the lovely Vigo, and yes we're planning the wedding already if you must know.
We finished off the day singing a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday to YOoooooooooo! Which Hamish joined in with.

Friday, 21 November 2008

So many New Friends and Family?

Way, way back in the summer we went to the Addaci Funday in Wales where we met hundreds of Vizslak. One we especially remember (because she was so pretty and full of beans) was called Willow but we never thought we'd see her again. Then just last week we met her again in London cos she's now living with Andrea and Lasse for ever.
She is now called Vigo and Hamish loves her and she loves Hamish. She came to spend the day with us but she's not had a sleepover yet. She loves biting Hamish's muzzle and we laugh at Hamish looking ever so patient without so much as a growl because we can remember him being just as irritating and persistent.Max is the most handsomest new puppy in our park. Max is very special to us because he got attacked by a staffie who wouldn't let go of his throat and he nearly died. Hamish plays very gently with him and luckily he's got his confidence back now. He is a very lucky pup. His owner Allan got lots of stitches in his hands from trying to rescue Max from the jaws of death. The same staffie still walks off leash and the police won't do anything.
The squirrels have been getting really fat and slower so Hamish sometimes decides that they are worth a look but not very often. He actually thinks they're quite boring because they run to hide up trees and don't like to be chased very much so he doesn't usually bother with them.
My two wee nephews Aidan (in front) and Kyle came to visit us all last weekend and we had a great time. Hamish gave them lots of kisses and cuddles and was very happy to have them staying with us even though they kept sitting on his bed all the time - he didn't mind really boys. We went for a big long walk and met Ruby but got completely soaked before leaving Hamish with Matt, Joe and Ruby while we all went off to the London Dungeon.
These cheeky boys actually have a lot in common.