Monday, 28 July 2008

Addaci Fun Day - A Trip to South Wales

We started our trip with a night at the wonderful Pen-y-Dre Farm near Abergavenny. It was really nice but Hamish couldn't believe his luck and never slept a wink (neither did I) . There were goats, pigs, chickens, donkeys, rabbits and cats....oh, and our next door neighbour. Hamish cried all night to get outside to visit everyone. I stupidly gave in about 4am and let him out while I waited in my underwear at the front door. Of course I ended up having to go back in to get dressed and go find him - I really should have known better. He wasn't happy until it was daylight and I eventually gave up and took him for a walk at 6am.Hamish just couldn't believe we wanted to sleep when this place was so amazing.
Hamish just couldn't see how it was possible to read a book at a time like this. And sleep was totally out of the question while there was livestock outside to play with.
Well, there's a first time for everything and I think Radio is having a good laugh over in that Rainbow bridge place. Yes, his prodigy wee Hamish - my wonderfully desensitised, well socialised pup chased (and boy did he give chase) his first sheep while we were out walking on the Brecon Beacons. I've never ever seen him run like that before - he was a more like a leopard than a Vizsla. The next four and a half hours were very frustrating and boring but ultimately necessary session of long line training in ignoring sheep. Andrea was kind enough to take over from me when she could see me losing patience. Autie Andrea gives wee Hamish pup a gentle talk in why it's not good to chase sheep. Do you think he looks convinced?

"Okay, I get the message about sheep but why is she standing like that?"Tired now. Hmmmmmmm? What did I try to tell you last night eh? You just wouldn't listen would you?
NO ! Not even one little sheep Hamish.
Hamish was the only one who got a bath in the next two days at the Addaci Ranch.
Here are some of the new puppies.

A tea-break in Ynysybwl ( I can't say it either).
Okay now this is proof that I'm not vain but I am not this fat or ugly in real life alright. Andrea made me promise to publish the pic as we laughed for half an hour after we took it. We were totally delirious from lack of sleep and we were all sleeping on puppy bedding in the stable. We're not complaining but we weren't very well organised or prepared for the bush adventure.
It was great fun but I'm covered in mosquito bites and the bath water was very dark when I finally got a wash back home.
Hamish took it all in his stride of course and was never more comfortable. Night, Night till our next adventure.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Born Freee, Happy Dogs on Logs in Wanstead Flats, Culture and Lions Down Under

It's only 3 Weeks today till Steven comes home. Yesterday he went to Sydney Zoo and found a temporary replacement for Hamish.
Meanwhile back in London goes on (although we all miss him of course) We had a day out with Ruby. Here we are collecting her from her house.
This was our first time at Wanstead Flats and yipee there is a lake. Aren't they doing well balancing on the log?
Doesn't this remind you of that Disney film 'The Incredible Journey'?
"How will we ever find Hackney from here Hamish?" "Don't worry Ruby, I'll use my new search and rescue skills Anuty Andrea taught me and sniff out those cats of hers. We'll be on their sofa in no time, trust me."
"Hmmmm, I can smell quite a few cats around here, getting me all confused. Mustn't let Ruby down. She might still be the mother of my puppies."
"Hey the humans are here with toys, let's abandon that mission and PLAY!"
And play wrestling.....
Born free as the wind blows, as free as the grass grows.
"Wot? Time to go home, already?"
The man in the park said "Look - Twins, Schwarzenegger and Devito"
Relaxing in London Fields

Having a Cappuccino with friends.
Makes him nostalgic for his homeland.
Hamish can get comfortable anywhere, under or on top of anything and it really doesn't matter if you're in his way.
Way back in the '70's when Aunty Andrea was just a girl......Hamish was but a twinkle in his mother's eye........his ancestors also knew instinctively how to get comfy. This gene Hamish has inherited for sure.
Hamish can still get floored by a puppy.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Hamish Diving, posing, drinking, socialising, flirting, playing, courting controversy

This month's pin up boy? - being the most handsome Viz as usual.Hamish the critic isn't sure what to make of this controversial work by a local artist.
This is Spook (formery Crystal). Hamish used to play with 'Crystal' last summer and then we didn't see her anymore and wondered what had become of her...
She turned up in our park again as Spook and I was telling the owner how we used to know a dog just like her called Crystal and it turned out to be the very same dog. She had been kept indoors for 8 months and beaten for misbehaving until she was rescued. Luckily she seems well balanced now and confident. Isn't she just beautiful.
Hamish has a night out at the Prince George with friends. Sheena the Scottish owner loves dogs coming into the pub and even allows them on the furniture. This pub takes 'dog friendly' to a new level. I'm sure if someone complained she would tell them to leave if they didn't like it. Sadly Sheena's Bulldog 'Bridie' died last year - she still misses her very much.
One too many Mr. McKhan?
Oh dear, time to take you home I think before you start singing.
This is a fantastic clip to finish off with. Today Hamish had a day out with Andrea - and he really loves her because she is so much fun.