Monday, 31 May 2010

Berserk in Bagshot, Berkshire on Bank Holiday

This is our lovely hotel where we stayed for the bank holiday weekend.
So you can imagine how Hamish freaked out when we told him he'd be sleeping in if!Backing onto the hugest, loveliest forest you've ever seen.
With lakes....
And open heathland...
and Jungles....
and rhododendron forests and more lakes....
Lots of deer to track...
Hunting opportunities galore....
Oh, and fun training (not like in the park at all).
Yes, he was allowed inside after all, but kept hogging the mirror.
Peel me a grape...!
Yipee! Hamish loves his life.

Townie Viz and Townie Squirrel

A rare breed of ginger mountain goat can be spotted only 19mins by train from East London.
Beauty to be found everywhere.
Hmmmm, what does a Vizsla do when the squirrel doesn't run away???
Sniff his rear end...try a play bow?
Coming back for more...Hamish is freaked out now, this is one crazy squirrel.
Hi Mum! Is this my best side? Ok, you're really showing off now Mr. Squirrel.
He even tries to let Hamish in on a few squirrel secrets.
Let's see how Hamish's tactics improve with these top tips. He's always been a rubbish squirrel chaser up till now.
Epping is in full bloom.
You can take the gundog out of the country....I'm still so proud of our lovely pups.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Weekend away in Lulworth Cove

Just in case you were beginning to think we didn't celebrate Christmas last year......

Pleeeeeeeeeeease waken up! It's Christmas morning and we smelt a fat red man squeezing down the chimney.
Finally after lots of patient waiting...Hamish is allowed to take the Christmas stocking down.
Vigo is first to open one of her presents.
The kids don't know where to start....spoiled as ever.
As always there was one present that everyone wanted.
And then of course they have to help us open our presents too. But ours seem boring in comparison, except for the paper - maybe.Andrea and Lasse bought us these...hmmm...cosy? pyjamas and made me swear to put a picture on the blog to prove I'm not ashamed to be seen in them. Anyway, time for a quick breakfast before our Christmas walk.
This is the lake in the local deer park.
Having fun, getting smelly.
Time to get back for Christmas lunch perhaps...
Is it nearly ready...?
Steven prepared us a veritable feast.
Hamish is very patient but he hasn't tasted a real goose before.
Andrea is feeling stuffed already.
Time for a cuddle in front of the telly.
The quintessential Christmas Vizsla picture. Fed, walked, spoiled, played with...such joy.Vigo and Hamish went to visit some relatives who are travellers?
Yes, more food Andrea, and t.v. and a log's just too much to endure.
The best Christmas ever.
And then we went to Camber Sands.
It was so windy Hamish's ears almost blew off.
Never mind it's always safe and warm inside the cottage.
Is it morning again already? Can we do it all again???