Monday, 31 May 2010

Townie Viz and Townie Squirrel

A rare breed of ginger mountain goat can be spotted only 19mins by train from East London.
Beauty to be found everywhere.
Hmmmm, what does a Vizsla do when the squirrel doesn't run away???
Sniff his rear end...try a play bow?
Coming back for more...Hamish is freaked out now, this is one crazy squirrel.
Hi Mum! Is this my best side? Ok, you're really showing off now Mr. Squirrel.
He even tries to let Hamish in on a few squirrel secrets.
Let's see how Hamish's tactics improve with these top tips. He's always been a rubbish squirrel chaser up till now.
Epping is in full bloom.
You can take the gundog out of the country....I'm still so proud of our lovely pups.

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